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17/8 Power Luncheon: Branding Logic Based on Your Status Quo
SSBA Luncheon

SSBA held our monthly Power Luncheon on a sunny Wednesday afternoon at the cosy Mu Ya Li rooftop restaurant. More than 20 SSBA members and friends enjoyed a refreshing lunch at Mu Ya Li along with an engaging presentation and stimulating conversations on branding by our fellow member Bach Moh, a China-market branding expert with 290+ projects in his portfolio.

Brand building should be a gradually ascending process, because of practical reasons like resource availability, market familiarisation lead time, personal growth and so on. The magnitude of branding work to be carried out at each juncture depends on factors like the no. of years in operations, product strategy, industry economic life cycle, co. financial status, M&A considerations etc.

For Singaporean SMEs in Shanghai, rationalising which branding logic to apply throughout the different stages of the business is a nightmare; every stage has its own set of unique challenges, for e.g., in the early years, SMEs would have to contend with the stresses of financial survival & channel building, and fundamental know-how issues like the lack of China-market branding knowledge, lack of in-depth knowledge of the local market dynamics. In the later years, other sets of fresh issues, like business expansion, product strategy upgrade, brand repositioning and such continue to take its toll.

Though brand building is a complex process, there are “rules of thumbs” (with respect to a business’s current status), which you can apply to ease the brand logic application incubus.

Our fellow member Bach Moh shared his experience-acquired brand planning “rules of thumb” with you. He matched defining parameters of our current business status with plausible branding logic applications, and gave us a head start on your logical derivation of the final brand directions.




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