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21/9 Power Luncheon: Balancing Parenting Duties & Successful Career
SSBA Luncheon
On Wednesday 21th September, SSBA invited fellow Singaporean Ms. Donna Loo, an expert in parenting, to shed light on the impacts of effective parenting on efficiency and productivity. More than 15 SSBA members and friends gathered during a weekday lunch hour for an inspirational talk by Ms. Loo and exchanged deep insights and personal experiences of the difficulty of balancing parenthood with full-time work.
17/8 Power Luncheon: Branding Logic Based on Your Status Quo
SSBA Luncheon
SSBA held our monthly Power Luncheon on a sunny Wednesday afternoon at the cosy Mu Ya Li rooftop restaurant. More than 20 SSBA members and friends enjoyed a refreshing lunch at Mu Ya Li along with an engaging presentation and stimulating conversations on branding by our fellow member Bach Moh, a China-market branding expert with 290+ projects in his portfolio.
11/5 Power Luncheon: Tax impact on Real Estate Lease & Lease Contract Negotiation after the VAT Reform
SSBA Luncheon
More than 30 members and friends of SSBA gathered for a cosy noon at Jumbo last Wednesday on the 11th May for an informative presenatation by SBA Stone Forest. Associate Director Scott Jin and Senior Manager Grace Chen introduced the value-added tax China has most recently implemented on the 1st May 2016 and its relevant policies. Not only so, they went on to shed light on the regulation on real estate lease and tax impact as well as lease contract negatiation. Members and friends of SSBA enjoyed a fruitful lunch with great company and familiar local delicacies.

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