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I am pleased to inform you that the new Executive Committee (Exco) of the Shanghai-Singapore Business Association (SSBA) for the term 2015/2016 has been formed. The line-up of the office-holders and their resumes are attached at Annex for your reference.

 In order to build up the SSBA as the premier platform for the Singapore business and social community in Shanghai, the Exco will be proposing to its membership a series of restructuring measures during its term. Among these proposals are moves to achieve legal status for the SSBA, including possibly through a merger with and as a local chapter of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (Singcham), development of new categories of membership, and the creation of an Advisory Board. These moves would require an update of the SSBA’s Constitution through an EGM.

 The current advisory board comprises among others the Consul General of Singapore in Shanghai as Patron and the Commercial Consul of the Consulate-General as its Commercial Advisor.  We are proposing to expand this board to include up to five Chief Executives/President of key Singapore companies in Shanghai. Apart from lending their weight and prestige to the SSBA, these CEOs/Presidents can help the SSBA by providing advice and chart directions during the Exco’s term. They will be required to attend at least two meetings of the Advisory Board during its term, one near the beginning of the term (possibly July)  and one near the end (possibly January). At the meeting, the Exco will present to, and seek advice from, the Advisory Board on its workplan for the year,  particularly the key anchor events that it is aiming to organize to advance the collective interest of the Singapore business and social community. With such a holistic workplan, the Exco can go about organizing the year’s activities in a coherent manner with assurances of fiscal stability. The aim is to avoid doing things in an ad hoc manner as in the past.

The Advisory Board members have to be representative of the business community in Shanghai from a range of industry.  In the event that the CEOs/Presidents are not available for meetings, they are allowed to nominate a specific senior representative from their company as an Alternate Member.

By this letter, I am extending an invitation to you as MD of  (China) to join the new Advisory Board.  I will be pleased to meet you in person to answer any queries you may have.

NG Kah King

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